Monday, 4 April 2011

Expand Your Business Network With Hashable

Hey All,

Just thought I would quickly share a new app that I grabbed on my iPhone which I have found useful, it's called 'Hashable' and it is used for quickly sharing your digital business card with clients/colleagues from your phone.

For example, lets say you are out for dinner and drinks with a group of friends, and one mentions that they are looking for someone to come into their business and streamline their business processes (or some other area you kick ass in). To give them your full business contact details you simply
type in the recepients e-mail address or twitter ID, and they will instantly be sent your information (customisable through the app). Or alternatively if they have the app you can find them quickly through it, and save their information into your address book.

It may be a bit of reinventing the wheel, but the app also has a social side to it, and focuses heavily on networking amongst your peers. A sort of linkedin packaged in a nice format, showing who your 'inner circle' of peers are meeting with, and where.

Hashable - Track Business Relationships

Upon firing up the app for the first time, you are asked to build you 'inner circle'. Here you choose your colleagues/business friends and expand your entourage.

The whole idea is to bring the foursquare/linkedin market together into a slimline fancy app for the business world, and in my opinion it does it well!


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